Children In Need


Children In Need

SJA is able to provide management of Early Help Services by commissioning Local Authorities. Additionally, family support services can be offered to families who have been assessed by the Local Authority to have Children In Need. These are families where children are at risk of achieving poor outcomes without further intervention.

Packages are individually tailored to suit the needs of the family and may include things such as: advice and guidance, parenting intervention, life skills sessions, helping socially excluded families to integrate into the community and/or signposting to other agencies.

Direct work can be undertaken with children and young people on a range of topics including: consequential thinking, interpersonal skills, developing empathy, risk-taking and offending behaviour, gang awareness, exploring and expressing feelings, anger management and conflict resolution.


“During the period Samantha serviced a contract for Welcare, she enhanced the assessment skills of staff through her knowledge and experience in assessing risks. Samantha was also tenacious in her approach to the rights and justice for any service user irrespective of culture.”

Fay Morris

Welcare, SW Child and Family Support Service